Professional Buyer Application

《Professional Buyer Agreement》

1、Agreement Terms:

1.1 Once you confirm to register as a professional buyer, you will enjoy the following access:

◆ Badge for the 7th Macao International Travel (Industry) Expo (MITE Pass).
◆ Right to use pre-scheduled appointment system.
◆ Access to all social events available for professional buyers at the Expo.
◆ Access to the Welcome Dinner and Opening Ceremony.

2、Matching and Participation Responsibility

◆ Professional buyers have the right to choose whether to use Pre-scheduled Appointment System or not.
◆ Professional buyers are required to attend the appointment after using the system to meet exhibitors.
◆ Professional buyers can meet with exhibitors other than appointed pairs at the site.
◆ Professional buyers are required to attend the exhibition in formal or business attire.


◆ Professional buyers are not require to pay deposit.