Options Size of Space/ Number Total Area (m2)
Raw Space m x m m2
Standard Booth (3m x 3m) No. of Standard Booth m2
I would like to put an advertisement in exhibition catalogue.
The Official Catalogue will be distributed to VIPs, exhibitors, professional buyers, government bodies and trade institutions.

Advertising Rate (excluding costs of the production of any artwork and output)

Content Page 1,500 12,000
Back Cover 5,000 40,000
Inside Back Cover Page 3,000 24,000
Grand Total     
《8th MITE_sales product information form_MGTO》


1)Please fill in the above information form in detail and accurately to be declared to relevant departments; Alcoholic products must declare the type, alcohol intensity, quantity and price;
2)This form must be provided in electronic format (Excel format);
3)Exhibitors or their agents must provide the Commodity Code ;(http://www.dsec.gov.mo/NCEM.aspx?lang=en-US);
4)Exhibitors are responsible for the risk of customs detainment of the goods, deferred delivery and additional charges due to non-standard declaration;
5)All export products shall go through the national product inspection and quarantine procedures, and obtain the relevant export inspection and quarantine certificate. The products when arrivng Macao, should be declared at the entry customs and verified by relevant inspection and quarantine institutions, after which the goods clearance certificate can be obtained and thecustoms formalities can be completed;
6)If lucky draws are held in the booth, all souvenirs or gifts are required to be declared to the organizer prior to the event.

Company names on the fascia boards will be subject to the above information.